What is -5.5 Vision?

-5.5 vision

Marksmanship requires clear vision in order to hit a target precisely. An expert marksman with superb eyesight may be able to spot their target from over a mile away and hit it dead-on – but what about us mere mortals with less-than-ideal vision? What exactly does “-5.5 vision” entail? It’s Not Legally Blind Though -5.5 … Read more

What Happens When You Get Hit by a Train?

person hit by train

Trains are large vehicles traveling at high speeds. Colliding with one can often prove `fatal; therefore it is crucial that people understand what can happen when hit by one. Train drivers typically witness two rail-related deaths during their careers – usually one due to accidents and one as suicides. Traumatic Brain Injury Train collisions can … Read more

Workers Compensation for Independent Contractors Hurt on The Job

independent contractor hurt on the job

What happened if independent contractor hurt on the job? Many businesses hire independent contractors for specific services. Since these individuals don’t need workers’ comp coverage, any injuries sustained could prove more expensive to treat. Under certain conditions, an injured independent contractor may be eligible to file a personal injury claim against any party responsible, such … Read more

Landlord or Tenant Move Out Instructions

tenant move out instructions

Tenant move out instructions provide landlords with an effective means of monitoring tenants to ensure they fulfill all contractual responsibilities before departing, such as cleaning, trash collection and utilities disconnection. This letter should request the tenant provide their forwarding address and inform them of a property inspection after their departure, including details on any damage … Read more

What Happens If You Snort Sugar? Top 3 Things Will Occur

what happens if you snort sugar top 3 things

Snorting sugar or any other substance is a risky practice that can lead to infections, scarring of nasal passages and sinuses, allergies and asthma; and can even bring maggots into one’s nose. Beyond its health ramifications, this practice shows an absence of compassion towards drug addicts struggling with addiction. We should inform people how they … Read more

When Does a Landlord Have to Pay For a Hotel Room For a Tenant?

when does a landlord have to pay for a hotel room for a tenant

Landlords have an obligation under law to provide alternate accommodations for tenants in certain circumstances. When this occurs, they must pay for hotel or other forms of temporary housing arrangements such as dormitory rooms. Some hotels attempt to prevent guests from becoming tenants by forcing them out after 28 days or requiring that they check-out … Read more

PRO at the Incident Scene Who Handles Media Inquiries

pio at the incident scene who handles media inquiries

Having a Public Information Officer (PIO) or Public Relations Officer (PRO) at the incident scene who handles media inquiries is critical to ensuring that the public is informed about what happened at an event. Having an officer at the scene can also be useful if a public official is injured at the event and needs … Read more