Why Use Candy Blue Paint For Your Car?

candy blue paint

Candy paints add eye-catching vibrancy and durability to your car, yet still require skill and knowledge for proper application. Start with a black basecoat. Spray light even coats of reduced candy in light coats until each has matted off before proceeding with the next application. It’s a Cool Color Candy blue paint on your car … Read more

How to Use Sodium Hypochlorite Pressure Washing

sodium hypochlorite pressure washing

Professional pressure washers often employ bleach solutions as part of their cleaning techniques to eliminate organic growth on surfaces like mildew and mold growth, however this technique comes with its own set of complications. Bleach can corrode metal parts of your pressure washer and cause costly repairs. Use the Right Mixture Sodium hypochlorite pressure washing … Read more

What is the Difference Between a Pull Box and a Handhole?


Pull boxes are installed in conduit systems to allow wires to pass effortlessly, without putting undue stress on their insulation or conductors. They allow conductors to be easily pulled across long distances without placing an excessive strain on either. They protect electrical systems from damage and tampering. Commonly referred to as underground handholes or junction … Read more

Bearer Bond Tape for Deck Building

bearer bond tape

Bearer bond tape (sometimes referred to as joist flashing tape ) is an affordable solution that can protect a deck’s bearers and rim joists from wood rot while also preventing moisture penetration, sealing deck screws and reducing splitting due to freeze/thaw cycles. A trustee acts much like the custodian for bonds or mutual funds, holding … Read more