Why It Is Important to Get a Lawyer For Misdemeanors

lawyer for misdemeanor

Many individuals believe that because misdemeanor crimes are considered less severe offenses, they don’t require a legal representative for help with their defense. However, this assumption would be incorrect. Conviction of any criminal act can have serious repercussions for both personal and professional lives, so it is crucial that you fight any charges brought against … Read more

The Custom Edge Plus Ultimate Warranty

custom edge plus ultimate warranty

Extended warranties offered by both manufacturers and third-party providers cover repairs beyond the initial factory warranty term, with contracts often including deductibles and extra benefits such as roadside assistance. The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has initiated an investigation into the automotive industry over their sale of warranties, so here are a few key points … Read more

What Is Covered by an Equi Pro Warranty?


Equi pro warranty serving agricultural, construction and material handling equipment dealers, OEMs and financial institutions with their warranty needs, this company offers an easy payment process and few exclusions than some other warranty providers. Furthermore, it offers multiple coverage options along with interest-free payment plans. Reputable companies typically make contract details simple to locate online, … Read more

What Is a Business Broker Listing Agreement?

business broker listing agreement

A business broker listing agreement outlines the terms under which a professional business broker will market your company for sale. Common contract provisions include an agreed upon term/tail length, commission for procuring buyers and language to address alternative transactions. As most brokers require an exclusive agreement between themselves and clients to sell your business, it … Read more

Living Trust Memorandums and Letters of Wishes

trust memorandum

Trust memorandum – Transferring assets into a living trust involves several steps. Documents related to assets must be collected and organized, deeds transferred for real estate properties, and new financial accounts opened under the name of the trust. Sometimes it may be possible to keep the information contained within your trust private by creating an … Read more

4 Ways on How to Find Out If a Trust Exists

How to find out if a trust exists

Learning how to find out if a trust exists: Trusts are legal structures designed to hold assets. Trusts may help reduce taxes, avoid probate court, and protect heirs against creditors. How to Find Out If a Trust Exists How a trust ends depends on its type and terms in its document. Beneficiaries and heirs have … Read more