Why Use Candy Blue Paint For Your Car?

Candy paints add eye-catching vibrancy and durability to your car, yet still require skill and knowledge for proper application.

Start with a black basecoat. Spray light even coats of reduced candy in light coats until each has matted off before proceeding with the next application.

It’s a Cool Color

Candy blue paint on your car can make for an eye-catching and impressive look that stands out. This popular look is loved by both owners and painters, and comes in various color combinations such as cobalt blue, apple red and organic green. Made with high quality pigments that ensure an even distribution of colors making application simpler with consistent finishes.

Prior to applying candy coating, it is vitally important that the item be appropriately prepared. Begin by scouring its surface with a grey scotch pad before thoroughly cleaning with panel wipe or degreaser and panel wipe. Finally, applying clear topcoat can protect both layers.

Candy paint should be applied in thin layers for best results; otherwise, a heavy buildup may occur, which can crack or peel. Therefore, many painters opt to use a hok kbc (known by some as “kandybasecoat”) which can be tinted with pearl or colored tint to help achieve the effect you are seeking.

Candy painting is an intricate craft that requires considerable experience to perfect. If you are unfamiliar with how to apply candy paint, it may be best to seek professional assistance; otherwise skilled painters can tackle it themselves. When applying candy paint around stencils or signs, be sure to mask off areas surrounding them in order to avoid paint seeping underneath, while spraying until you achieve your desired hues.

It’s Easy to Apply

Candy paint application can be more challenging than applying other sprays due to its thinner consistency and need for layering. Therefore, having good airflow, an equipped spray booth and a pressure regulator that allows you to set the appropriate flow rate is vital.

Use of an effective reducer is crucial to ensure proper consistency and avoid any overspray or thinning during a candy color job. We highly recommend DNA Basecoat Reducing Agent as this will allow for optimal results with any candy color job.

Candy paint jobs typically involve three steps: metallic basecoat, transparent color and clear coat. A quality clear such as Spaz Stix should provide both protection from fading and deep gloss for lasting beauty.

Utilizing a high-grade clear coat is the optimal way to safeguard your paint against moisture, UV light and dirt – and prolong its life! Plus it will extend its usefulness.

Candy paint jobs aren’t any more prone to fading than any other, but they can be more susceptible to chipping and scratching. To protect against this happening, it is recommended to apply a top coat as soon as the candy paint has completely set up – after drying completely of course!

It’s Durable

Candy paint jobs are an excellent way to give your car an eye-catching appearance, yet require specific knowledge for proper application. If you feel unqualified in this regard, consult with an expert custom painter who can guide you through the process and help achieve desired results.

One of the greatest disadvantages of candy paint jobs is their limited durability against sunlight; this is due to their dyes not withstanding UV rays as effectively. But with proper application of clear coat, your candy paint job will last years longer!

Additionally, using the appropriate clear coat is only half of the battle: prior to applying the final layer, sanding must also take place to smoothen out imperfections in the surface and make it appear smoother. If you lack confidence in sanding and buffing a candy paint job yourself, taking it into a body shop might be more suitable.

No matter if it’s for daily driving or show cars, finding an experienced candy painter and using a spray booth are both key parts of applying candy paints successfully. A spray booth helps minimize dust and debris getting into your coats which could otherwise clog them up over time.

It’s Affordable

Candy paint offers an affordable solution for making your car stand out, creating deep and vibrant hues with shimmering effects that add dimension. Available at many automotive stores as well as online, candy paint should be stored away from sunlight where possible for optimal results.

Candy paints may not be suitable for every job, but they are an attractive and unique choice when applied to show cars or daily drivers. Although difficult to spray correctly and difficult to sand down if overspray occurs, candy paints provide the potential to create unique custom cars or motorcycles that stand out from the competition.

Candy paints involve three steps; first is some kind of reflective basecoat; next, there’s an opaque-colored layer and finally, there is a protective clear coat applied on top. As candy dyes can fade in direct sunlight, it is wise to keep your vehicle covered when not driving it; longevity will depend on both how often it’s left exposed in direct sunlight as well as which clear coat was chosen – for instance an apple red candy car left unprotected will lose its brightness in just 2-3 years!