What is the Meaning of Bite a Pillow?

bite a pillow

Pillows are soft cushions used for sleeping that feature padding to provide support to the head. Most commonly rectangular in shape and available with or without an accompanying pillowcase cover. Pillow bite is an informal term referring to homos*xual men. This moniker comes from the belief that when being anal f*cked upon, some male stud … Read more

What Does High Water Pants Mean?

high water pants

High water pants are an essential form of protection against mud, dirt, or flood water for knees and lower legs. Available in a variety of styles including jeans and capris. They’re also commonly known as clam diggers, capri cut pants and chinos. Unlike other cropped styles, these trousers feature intentionally shorter hemlines that end above … Read more

What Does Nobody Cares, Work Harder Mean?

nobody cares work harder

“Nobody cares, work harder” can be an extremely powerful motivating force. Adopting this mindset doesn’t equate to disregarding other people’s feelings or opinions – rather it helps develop resilience, self-reliance and adaptability – as well as encouraging you to find ways to overcome setbacks more easily. However, it is essential to keep in mind that … Read more

What Does a Green Blinking Light on a Smoke Detector Mean?

green blinking light on smoke detector

Green blinking light on smoke detector can indicate several different things; it could mean either that its battery needs replacing, or it is in hush mode and needs to be disengaged before going off. However, depending on your smoke detector model and manufacturer website for more details regarding its blinking pattern and frequency. It’s advisable … Read more

What is the Meaning of La Bella Vida?

la bella vida

La Bella Vida Boutique offers fashionable clothing, shoes and accessories in an upscale environment. Established by Hanan Shih in 2009, La Bella Vida allows customers to find their individual style through this boutique. “La bella vida” in Spanish means beautiful life; however, its awkward phrase should read as either “la vida es bella” or “La … Read more

What Is MTTT Meaning?

what is mttt meaning

MTTTT stands for “modified tweet” and is used when sharing another person’s tweet but are unable to fit it within 140 characters. Typically this involves shortening text and adding your own commentary; but sometimes editing tweets to make them more appropriate or fitting with the tone of your account can also fall under this definition. … Read more

What Does AHT Mean?

what does aht mean

AHT meaning – Average Handle Time (AHT) is one of the most frequently measured metrics among customer service teams, as it provides invaluable insight into team efficiency. A team’s AHT goal will vary depending on what kind of support work they are handling; in this guide Gladly explores what AHT means and demonstrates how to … Read more

Understanding TMB Meaning in Text

tmb meaning in text

TMB (pronounced “tum-bee”) is an abbreviation for “text me back.” It has become a widespread way to request responses or acknowledgements from someone quickly and efficiently without using long phrases that can take too much time and energy to write or translate into digital format. Instead, in today’s fast-paced digital world brevity can often better … Read more