What Is Covered by an Equi Pro Warranty?

Equi pro warranty serving agricultural, construction and material handling equipment dealers, OEMs and financial institutions with their warranty needs, this company offers an easy payment process and few exclusions than some other warranty providers. Furthermore, it offers multiple coverage options along with interest-free payment plans.

Reputable companies typically make contract details simple to locate online, with easy navigation of their websites and sample contracts readily available for review.


One of the key factors when assessing warranty providers is what their plans actually cover. To do this effectively, read through your contract thoroughly. Additionally, ensure that it covers hybrid and electric vehicle components – as many extended warranties exclude them.

Equipro Connect offers three flexible plans with their own deductibles and mileage caps, interest-free payment plans and term lengths to help car buyers save money and protect against unexpected repairs – they also include roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement!

One more key point to keep in mind when purchasing an extended warranty plan is whether or not it covers maintenance items, like brake pads. Most reputable providers include these provisions in their plans; however, you should review its terms and conditions to be sure.

Last, take into consideration how easy it is to get a quote and contract information from a provider. A good provider will have sample contracts online as well as an easy quote tool; any provider who makes it hard for you to obtain these details or requires calling them up directly should raise red flags.

Care should also be taken when considering a warranty provider’s liability policy. Avoid companies limiting their liability to an amount less than $1.00 as this may not provide adequate coverage for claims you might file against them.


Warranty contracts cover only items specified in their agreement, while exclusionary policies list what’s not covered. Although exclusionary policies may seem similar to inclusionary ones at first glance, their coverage varies significantly; for instance Platinum Plus includes almost everything imaginable including wearable items while others might exclude things that can be replaced using OEM parts. The best way to understand what’s covered by any particular plan is to carefully read its contract; neither the Company nor any of its licensors or service providers guarantee it will meet Your requirements or achieve desired results when combined with other software applications systems or services.


EquiPro Connect or its affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents, suppliers or licensors shall in no event be held liable to you for indirect, incidental, special, punitive or consequential damages (such as loss of profits, revenue sales goodwill impact on business interruption costs of products and services substitutes as well as any other commercial losses) however caused. This limitation applies regardless of any theory of liability such as contract tort warranty breach statutory duty negligence or otherwise even if advised about their possibility.

Platinum Plus covers everything from bumper to bumper and also protects a handful of “wearable” items; Silver offers targeted protection of specific components in various areas.


If you have owned your car for an extended period and plan to sell it, cancelling its extended warranty may be possible. Usually you can receive a refund after 46 days or receive a prorated one depending on time passed and mileage put on by your vehicle. Unfortunately dealerships often resist canceling warranties as this takes away their commission and could make your cancellation more complicated; pushiness might be needed here in order to ensure they process it and issue refunds promptly.

When canceling a service contract, it’s essential that a written request be submitted with copies of both your purchase order and dealer letter. Send this to their accounting department so they can process it efficiently; after making this submission, follow up within a week to ensure they have processed it.

EquiPro Connect, its directors, officers, employees, agents, suppliers and licensors will not be held liable for indirect, incidental, special, punitive, cover or consequential damages (such as lost profits, revenue sales goodwill use of content impact business interruption or savings losses), even if such party has been advised of their possibility. This limitation of liability applies regardless of how claims may be brought forward.