Why It Is Important to Get a Lawyer For Misdemeanors

Many individuals believe that because misdemeanor crimes are considered less severe offenses, they don’t require a legal representative for help with their defense. However, this assumption would be incorrect.

Conviction of any criminal act can have serious repercussions for both personal and professional lives, so it is crucial that you fight any charges brought against you.

It’s Not Just a Misdemeanor

Misdemeanor crimes may seem minor at first glance; however, it’s important to keep in mind that even misdemeanor offenses may still carry significant repercussions. Although misdemeanors typically are less serious than felonies, they still carry jail time and fines that may incur.

Misdemeanor convictions often carry collateral consequences that include professional license suspension or loss, public office resignation or employment loss – known as collateral consequences of criminal charges.

Misdemeanors, as defined by state law, generally involve nonviolent activities like vandalism and certain drug possession charges; assault with weapons is also usually considered misdemeanor offense. On the other hand, felonies involve acts which cause violence or extreme psychological harm such as murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault and kidnapping – examples include murder, manslaughter and kidnapping.

Misdemeanor charges typically do not result in jail sentences lasting more than one year; however, repeat offenders and violent crime can receive much harsher sentences.

Avoiding misdemeanor charges on your record can take time and court appearances; as a result, hiring an attorney to assist with this process is advised. Your lawyer can review your charges, offer any defense strategies available and represent you during hearings.

It Can Get You Jail Time

Misdemeanor convictions on your criminal record can have lasting repercussions, from appearing when employers perform background checks to disqualifying you from certain licenses and renting an apartment, and may even bar participation in federal programs. If this applies to you, it is crucial that you seek legal advice immediately in order to minimize its damage and secure legal representation to help mitigate it.

Most states distinguish among crime types or levels, with misdemeanors typically considered the less severe offenses. Some states also classify certain crimes as gross misdemeanors which can be more serious than a standard misdemeanor but less serious than a felony charge.

Although misdemeanor punishments tend to be far less severe than felonies, if you are charged with one there still exists the possibility of jail time if found guilty. A criminal defense lawyer can help prevent you from becoming one by raising strong defenses or working with the prosecution to have charges dropped altogether.

the sooner you hire a Brooklyn misdemeanor lawyer to defend you, the better it is. A criminal defense attorney can immediately begin building your legal defense; The Litvak Law Firm has extensive experience defending clients against misdemeanor charges related to assault, domestic violence, drug use/possession/shoplifting/trespassing and petty theft charges.

It Can Impact Your Future

Misdemeanor convictions can have lasting repercussions in your life, with employers conducting background checks that reveal criminal convictions which could stifle future job prospects and potentially harm your career path. Therefore, it’s vitally important that any misdemeanor charge or conviction be vigorously challenged and overcome as soon as possible.

Conviction can have devastating repercussions for family life, straining relationships with friends and relatives who might view you differently after learning of your past criminality. Furthermore, if the crime involved a victim you could be subject to civil lawsuits seeking damages. Furthermore, misdemeanor convictions remain on your record until they are sealed or expunged from it.

State laws categorize crimes into various levels or categories depending on severity, and often provide for sentencing ranges or ranges based on these levels. Misdemeanor crimes typically include nonviolent activities that don’t result in long jail terms – for instance vandalism, certain drug possession charges and disorderly conduct are examples of misdemeanors; on the other hand felony crimes often carry more severe punishments, such as manslaughter/murder/burglary.

Prosecutors possess much discretion in terms of what charges to bring against individuals and what plea bargains to offer them, and in sometimes abusing this discretion to overcharge crimes that should have lower levels to force defendants into pleading guilty more easily. A Brooklyn misdemeanor defense lawyer may help challenge this tactic by showing that it does not constitute as serious of an offense as suggested by prosecutors.

It Can Help You Avoid a Conviction

Hiring legal representation will help you avoid conviction and potentially have your charges dropped. Misdemeanor cases often include numerous defenses; self-defense is a popular one. This defense works best if you were attacked and only responded with reasonable force in return. Duress defense may also apply if threatened with serious injury or harm and you had no time to escape or call for help from authorities. Finally, you may wish to assert that the prosecution is overcharging your case. Prosecution attorneys often increase charges in an attempt to pressure defendants into pleading guilty; this tactic can backfire when your defense attorney points out how out-of-proportion it is with what really occurred.

Criminal convictions can have lasting repercussions that affect not only employment and career opportunities but could prevent you from attending college or finding employment altogether. A conviction could also prevent certain forms of insurance coverage and possibly have an effect on eligibility for passport applications; victims could even file civil suits for damages related to your crime.

Know that misdemeanor charges can escalate into felonies if there are prior misdemeanor convictions on your record or you commit a repeat offense, so obtaining legal representation to fight on your behalf in court can help avoid this happening.