Where to Put Vending Machines

Where to put vending machine – Vending machines can generate significant income if placed strategically. An ideal location must feature visibility for business types that benefit from vending machine sales.

Malls and shopping centers attract millions of people every day who spend hours walking around. Vending machines located within these spaces attract both regular buyers and impulse purchases alike.


Vending machines offer one of the easiest and fastest ways to generate income quickly and easily. Vending machines can be placed in various places, but key locations with heavy daily foot traffic should be prioritized for placement. If you lack the resources or time to locate these places yourself, location services offer valuable assistance in finding suitable spots for vending machine placement.

Malls make ideal locations for vending machines due to the high levels of foot traffic they experience. People visit the mall for shopping purposes and after walking around for some time will require food; thus the ideal position would be near either of the entrance/exit points to your building.

Movie theaters make an ideal venue for installing vending machines. Movie-goers are frequently in search of snacks and drinks prior to and during their movie viewing experiences; you can offer a wide variety of products to meet everyone’s needs. Transitional housing facilities also prove highly profitable environments in which to establish vending machines.


Vending machines are an ideal addition to gyms as they bring in significant revenue while simultaneously offering healthy options to members. Vending machines should be placed near entrances/exits or workout areas in order to maximize how much money can be made per machine.

Hotels provide another ideal setting for vending machines, offering snacks and drinks to guests without leaving their rooms. In addition, hotel locations often feature high foot traffic making vending machines an effective choice in providing snacks and refreshments to hotel guests.

Movie theaters make an ideal venue for vending machines as people often seek something to munch on before or during their movie viewing experience. Vending machines offering snacks, drinks and toys will prove very popular with movie-goers.


Vending machines in entryways are ideal for selling snacks and drinks due to their high traffic. People will typically walk past these vending machines twice each day as they enter and leave, giving you greater sales than other locations would offer.

Shopping malls provide another ideal setting for vending machines, with their large concentration of shoppers and employees providing ideal conditions. Plus, their extended operating hours make this an ideal location.

Vending machines at train stations are another great option for business owners looking to generate profits through vending. Vending machines draw in travelers of all ages and can generate significant revenues. Vending products like coffee, soft drinks and healthy snacks such as freeze dried fruit packs, granola bars or juices can attract both children and adults, helping your company reach a broader customer base. They come in both small packages or larger bottles for maximum sales potential.

Waiting rooms

Vending machines can be placed at numerous businesses in your community. Locating them and negotiating with their owners/managers to secure successful vending machine placement is paramount to the success of any vending business. Common venues for vending machine placement may include waiting rooms in auto repair shops, doctors’ offices, beauty salons or any other similar businesses.

Hotel lobbies can be an ideal place for vending machines. Visitors often arrive tired and hungry; having access to snacks and beverages from vending machines in hotel lobbies allows visitors to refresh themselves with an assortment of snack and beverage offerings while helping bring in repeat guests. In turn, having vending machines in hotel lobbies helps their business attract repeat guests as well.

Vending machines can also be beneficial in hospitals and healthcare centers, where long wait times could be made more bearable with vending machines. Vending machines also make for great additions in seaports where travelers passing through can benefit from snacks and beverages sold from vending machines as a source of revenue for the port.

24 hour pharmacies

Vending machines can be an invaluable addition to 24-hour pharmacies for young people, especially college students who may require Advil late at night or condoms while away from their own pharmacy. Vending machines offer them easy, quick, and affordable ways of getting what they need quickly.

These machines can also be helpful for places with heavy foot traffic, like laundry shops or train stations, by dispensing food and drink as well as over-the-counter medication and age verification technologies to prevent theft of pharmaceuticals.

Contrary to traditional pharmacies, vending machines provide immediate service with less risk of errors, being faster and more cost-efficient than their human counterparts. Vending machines accept various payment methods including membership cards and employee ID cards and have less likelihood of breaking down due to weather conditions than their human counterparts.