What Are the Available Montana License Plate Options?

Montana provides an assortment of specialty plates designed to reflect your interests or support an organization or cause. Learn how you can obtain or renew them as well as their associated fees.

Vanity plates incur additional charges beyond those associated with regular license plates and may necessitate an additional donation.

American Rivers

Montana drivers looking to show support for their favorite causes or add a distinctive touch can select from an array of specialty license plates. From environmental preservation to historic civil liberty advocacy, these plates showcase all sorts of interests and affiliations.

This plate supports American Rivers, a non-profit organization dedicated to safeguarding wild rivers, restoring damaged ones and conserving clean water for people and nature alike. Furthermore, sportsmen who support backcountry hunts and fisheries also benefit from this plate; requirements and fees apply accordingly.

Compassion Montana

Montana license plates provide an amazing window into its visual language and history, from Glacier National Park plates to Lewis and Clark Bicentennial commemorative plates – there are over 238 designs for exploration!

Sponsored plates offer one of the most exciting categories in terms of fundraising: these collect funds for worthy causes or organizations like local community groups or educational museums/foundations. If the plate you want is unavailable at registration time, MVD offers temporary permits valid for 90 days as an interim measure.

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Montana license plates come in various varieties, including sponsored ones with artistic designs that raise money for specific causes while costing more than standard plates.

Funds raised through this plate provide services and research funding for those living with cystic fibrosis in Montana. Furthermore, proceeds go to a non-profit organization which hosts fundraising events like Great Strides Walk while connecting and empowering people through other events like Jeannette Rankin Peace Center.

Education for Women

Montana also provides specialty plates sponsored by various organizations and causes, and these may be made available to applicants who meet eligibility requirements and pay an application and renewal donation fee.

Frontier Institute plates generate funds to assess objective research in order to train informed civic leaders committed to breaking down government barriers for all citizens, while Jeannette Rankin Peace Center plates help build an equitable and nonviolent world. Other sponsored plates may be for veterans, military personnel or survivors of law enforcement officers.

Ecology Project International

Ecology Project International improves and inspires science education and conservation efforts through field-based student-scientist partnerships, while helping students build authentic cultural exchange, confidence, and academic skill sets.

Veterans, survivors of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty and more can now find specialty plates commemorating Montana’s unique culture and history. Each plate features picturesque landscapes as well as iconic symbols capturing Montana’s rich heritage and identity.

Frontier Institute

This plate generates funds to support educational activities for youth, helping build informed civic leaders and break down government barriers. Furthermore, these funds assist with maintaining an event space used for training or community gatherings.

Montana provides an assortment of specialty license plates to highlight Montana’s unique aesthetic and support important initiatives, but choosing which plate best meets your needs requires understanding eligibility and process. To find out more, visit our guide of Specialty MT Plates; for fees for standard and specialty plates be sure to review this MVD fee schedule as well.

Jeannette Rankin Peace Center

Personal license plates represent more than mere registration identifiers; their designs convey an intricate narrative about Montana’s commitment to individualism and social responsibility.

This plate generates funds for Montana’s Wish Foundation, providing wishes to chronically or seriously ill children in Montana, while also contributing to funding the Montana Police Protective Association Foundation and law enforcement scholarships for children.

This plate shows your support of the Jeannette Rankin Peace Center, which serves as a community resource for reflection, dialogue and action towards nonviolence, social justice and environmental sustainability. It offers library services, community centers and Fair Trade stores.

Montana Police Protective Association Foundation

Personalized license plates are an ideal way to express yourself while supporting a variety of worthy causes. Montana offers hundreds of commemorative and specialty plates to choose from; some may be more cost-effective than others but all will directly help benefit important causes.

Montana Police Protective Association Foundation offers financial support to families of law enforcement officers killed or injured while performing their duties, as well as supporting various community programs such as Special Olympics Torch Run and Operation Lifesaver.

Montana Public Policy Center

Montana license plates serve as an intriguing window into its aesthetic evolution and cultural heritage, from vintage plates that recall simpler times to specialty plates supporting specific causes. Unlocking their visual language provides a rewarding pastime for enthusiasts and collectors.

Many specialty license plates require donations at application or renewal, though you may also personalize some sponsored plates following MVD guidelines for an additional fee. If the plates you want are unavailable when you register, get temporary permits from your county treasurer’s office until the plates you need come available.

Montana Pilots Association

Montana specialty plates provide something for everyone – be it aviation enthusiasts or community activists looking to show support locally. Their gorgeous visuals showcase Montana’s blend of tradition and innovation; furthermore, their aesthetic changes offer an insight into how license plate design has developed over time.

Specialty Montana license plates support various non-profit agencies across the state. These organizations range from the Frontier Institute, which conducts objective research with an eye towards cultivating informed civic leaders dedicated to breaking down government barriers, to Jeannette Rankin Peace Center which assists survivors of law enforcement deaths on duty.