Viva Dental Insurance

Viva Dental Insurance is a Medicare Advantage plan designed to cover preventive care, basic restorative services and orthodontics – plus periodontal care coverage – while offering discounts for other services.

Since 1995, Viva Health has been offering Medicare Advantage plans backed by UAB Health System’s world-class tertiary care – making their plans one of the premier Medicare products available today.

Preventive Care

Viva dental coverage plans offer individual and small group coverage that offers low monthly premiums with annual allowances for vision and dental care, preventive services, basic/major services as well as orthodontics coverage.

Preventive dentistry refers to actions taken by both patients and dentists to lower the risk of disease or injury, including daily brushing and flossing as well as periodic oral exams and cleanings. Such steps help keep teeth healthy as well as detect early warning signs that need attention.

Viva dental insurance provides 100 percent coverage of preventive procedures with few or no co-pays and deductibles for services like fluoride treatments, oral cancer screenings and x-rays – helping identify problems before they become serious, saving both time and money in the long run. Available both as add-on plans to Medicare Advantage plans as well as stand-alone plans, its costs depend on which plan is chosen and type of treatments necessary.

Restorative Care

Viva Medicare provides various plans designed to assist individuals in affording necessary dental care, including preventive services, basic and major restorative procedures, orthodontic services and periodontal services – plus emergency dental coverage!

People searching for Viva Medicare coverage should start by identifying their type of plan and which services it covers before making their selection. Some plans may incur additional expenses such as deductibles and copayments that could quickly add up over time.

When selecting a provider, it’s essential that they are part of your plan and in-network with it. Do your research online and through word of mouth by looking up reviews or asking family and friends. Check for experience and credentials as well as proximity so you can save both time and money by reducing travel expenses; plus getting care quickly is easier this way – such as with Viva Health of Birmingham Alabama with its high quality service delivery.

Orthodontic Care

Orthodontic care is an increasingly popular dental procedure that can enhance both your smile and bite, but can be expensive. If you’re considering orthodontics as a solution, be sure to speak to your dentist about payment plans or any other means for reducing costs of braces. Medicare Advantage plans usually cover this treatment; otherwise you might consider switching to a Medicare Supplement plan that offers this perk instead.

Viva dental coverage plans offer comprehensive dental solutions that cover preventive, basic, and major procedures – as well as emergency dental care and oral surgery services. However, it is important to carefully read your policy to understand its limits and premiums.

Even without having Viva Medicare dental coverage plan, you can still save on services through a dental savings plan or discount dental program. These plans, sometimes known as discount dental programs, offer savings compared to traditional insurance with only an annual membership fee required granting access to discounted rates with participating providers.

Periodontal Care

Gum disease, commonly referred to as periodontitis, is a serious and ongoing condition which can result in tooth loss, bone loss and even systemic diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease. An estimated half of the population suffers from gum disease; with frequent visits to your dentist or hygienist you could avoid its progression and potentially avoid tooth loss altogether.

Viva Dental Insurance provides comprehensive dental coverage, from preventative care and restorative services, orthodontics and periodontal care, all the way through to discounted rates and payment plans to help individuals manage the cost of coverage. They even offer discounted rates and payment options so individuals can control how they pay for it!

Viva Medicare plans offer full coverage of both non-surgical and surgical periodontal treatments, such as scaling and root planing (which removes bacteria-laden plaque and tartar above and below the gumline), in conjunction with laser therapy to remove inflamed tissue while stimulating new cell formation that inhibits bacteria growth. They also offer periodontal maintenance which involves visiting both your hygienist and dentist every three months to help avoid gingivitis progressing into periodontitis; prices depend on insurance plan coverage but most dental plans offer at least some sort of coverage in some way.


Dental discount plans may provide an economical alternative for people looking for dental coverage without the high costs of traditional insurance plans. These plans typically provide significant discounts on dental services for an annual membership fee; unlike traditional plans however, these don’t have annual maximums or waiting periods and are available to everyone without restrictions or limitations.

Before choosing a plan, it is essential to research which services will be covered. Most Viva Medicare Dental Plans cover preventive services like cleanings and exams as well as basic restorative services like fillings and crowns; however they do not cover major procedures like root canals and bridges.

Additionally, it’s essential that you consider the cost of Viva Medicare Dental Plans before enrolling. Each plan varies in cost; make sure it fits within your budget before enrolment. Also be mindful of any additional fees like deductibles or copayments which may come with this plan.