Allure Credit Card From National Bank

National Bank of Canada offers this allure credit card that offers cashback with each purchase and features a beauty box filled with editor-selected products and mini magazine. Plus, you can even give one as a gift subscription!

The standout feature of this plan is its pledge of donating a percentage of purchases made to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation, while also offering low annual fees and zero liability coverage.


If you want to make the world a better place while simultaneously getting cashback, the Allure Mastercard from National Bank could be just what you’re looking for. By contributing part of each purchase you make towards Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation while earning points on every dollar spent, this card also offers purchase protection and extended warranty coverage.

The Allure Credit Card stands out among its peers by combining both social impact and excellent benefits into one card. Its rewards program offers cashback and discounts on gift cards; plus its zero annual fee and reasonable APR make it an attractive option for people with good credit scores residing in Canada who are over the age of 18. Canadian residents over 18 may apply.

Forrester Research ranks the National Bank Allure Mastercard at the top of Canada’s credit cards, as measured by customer satisfaction ratings. Customer service is top priority and they take great pride in their products; thus earning the highest score possible on Forrester’s proprietary CX Index survey. Designed specifically to cater to shoppers online and in stores alike, its main features include protection from theft or damage protection as well as acceptance worldwide as well as an extended warranty coverage.


National Bank’s Allure credit card makes it easy to both earn rewards and donate to charity at once. Every $2 spent earns 1 point that can be redeemed for cash back or purchase discounts at participating merchants. Plus, this card comes with no annual fee and a minimum credit limit of $500!

Interested in supporting breast cancer awareness? Consider The Allure Mastercard credit card to support Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation with every dollar charged within any 12-month period on your Allure Mastercard credit card account. Plus, earn points on purchases, receive 10% discounts off partner gift cards, and enjoy an interest-free grace period on balance transfers and cash advances!

The Allure Mastercard credit card also features several benefits designed to attract female cardholders, including free Sephora Beauty Insider membership and a loyalty program with over 400 brands ranging from Winners to Home Sense and Old Navy to Yves Rocher. You may also qualify for free travel insurance as well as basic coverage like extended warranty and purchase protection. Furthermore, applying online without impacting your credit score is possible; all that’s required to get one is your date of birth, telephone number and social insurance number (optional). Checking off an agreement box indicates your agreement to terms of this credit card agreement before applying online without impacting your credit score


Are you a woman seeking to support the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation while reaping amazing benefits from doing so? The Allure Mastercard credit card could be just what’s needed: no annual fee and the ability to earn points with every purchase; plus cash back and gift card discounts plus savings across a wide variety of travel, insurance, and beauty supplies purchases!

The Allure Mastercard credit card helps the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation by donating a percentage of your purchases each year to them. Based on a point accumulation system, one point is earned for every $2 spent; once per year (January), all 1,000 points earned will earn you $10 as rewards – you can then either donate them directly or redeem them for gift cards and prizes!

National Bank of Canada issues this credit card and ranks number one for Customer Experience among Canadian credit card issuers according to Forrester CX Index1. If you have excellent credit, then this card could be right for you! If so, apply today for National Bank’s MasterCard credit card!

Apply for an Allure credit card online or in-store and take advantage of its low annual interest rate and generous limit, making it an attractive option for those with excellent credit scores.

Customer Service

National Bank of Canada ranks first among credit card issuers for Customer Experience according to Forrester CX Index. Cardholders enjoy access to our 24-hour contact centre and can utilize many additional services, including our free identity theft protection feature. Allure credit cards are open to Canadian residents who have reached age of majority in their province or territory and require no SIN; just begin the application process using CardFinder tool within 60 seconds to determine eligibility! No SIN required! *Cardholders must present valid government-issued photo identification in order to verify identity before applying.