Which Social Media App Has a Ghost As Its Mascot?

Which social media app has a ghost as its mascot? Almost every social networking app has a mascot or logotype, but which one has a ghost?

What’s the meaning of the logotype, the name and the ghost? What does it mean when you hear the phrase “ghostface chillah”?

Which Social Media App Has a Ghost As Its Mascot? Let’s See

Ghostface Chillah

Several social media applications have become a huge brand in the world due to their mascot. In the case of Snapchat, its famous ghost is known as Ghostface Chillah.

The Snapchat ghost mascot is based on the Wu-Tang clan rapper Ghostface Killah. The Ghostface Chillah logo is also based on the Wu-Tang logo.

The first version of the Ghostface Chillah mascot had small button eyes and a pink tongue sticking out of its mouth. It also had a square shape with rounded corners. It also had a cute little smile. However, the logo was changed when the company was involved in a copyright lawsuit. The logo was modified to have a thicker outline.

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The yellow color in the logo is believed to have helped in its popularity. The colour has a striking look. The logo can be either monochrome with a black background or fully yellow. The yellow colour attracts users.

Snapchat is a social media platform that allows users to share photos and videos with their friends. Users can also send private content. However, the content is only accessible for a certain time before it disappears. It is also a popular platform for teenagers.


Almost every social media platform has its own mascot. These mascots are designed to help the app stand out in a crowd.

For instance, Twitter uses blue colours and a bird as its mascot. Similarly, LinkedIn uses blue colours and a camera as its mascot.

However, there is one social media platform that has a ghost as its mascot. Snapchat uses the ghost as its logo.

This is a reference to the Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah. The logo for Snapchat was actually designed by Evan Spiegel, the founder of the app.

It was originally called Ghostface Chillah. However, it has since evolved to its current design. The ghost’s original shape included two eyes and a stick out tongue.

The logo was created in one evening. According to Spiegel, it was drawn on a computer. He claimed to have analyzed logos of some popular applications to create it.

It has been said that the logo was meant to attract users. It was also thought that the yellow colour helped the logo stand out.

There are several reasons for the mascot. It encourages new users to download the social media app.

The mascot also helps in business success. A ghost mascot is a fun way to enhance your brand’s image. A mascot can be the best marketing tool for your business. Mascots are memorable.


Having a mascot is a great way to attract an audience. A mascot can be an animal, a human or an item. The mascot helps to build the brand identity and creates an everlasting impression in the audience’s mind. Mascots also help to create fun and interesting marketing campaigns.

Snapchat is a social media app which has a ghost-like mascot. This mascot helps Snapchat to stand out from the rest. It has been very popular among teenagers. This is due to its amazing features and filters.

The ghost as mascot has been designed in such a way that it shows different emotions, which is quite interesting. The ghost mascot helps Snapchat to create a positive brand image and establish a connection with the audience.