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What Year Did Cement 4s Come Out?

Quite a few people have asked what year the cement 4s came out. I’ve heard that they came out around 1989, but I’ve also heard that they came out in 21st century.

The Cement 4s

White/Cement ’89

During the 1989 NBA season, the “White/Cement” colorway of Air Jordan 4 became extremely popular. Its simple color palette and speckling on the wings of the shoes helped the Jordan model become a huge hit. The shoes were worn by Michael Jordan during several key moments in his career.

During the game of the 1989 playoffs, Jordan hit “The Shot” over Craig Ehlo and twisted to the foul line with three seconds to go. The jump shot brought the Air Jordan 4 to the front of the sneaker scene.

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Air Jordan 4 White/Cement first appeared in the 1989 film “Do The Right Thing” directed by Spike Lee. Its appearance in the film sparked the resurgence of the shoe. The Air Jordan 4 White/Cement was the first Jordan model with a Jumpman logo.

It also helped the shoe become popular with collectors and fans. The shoe was worn by Michael Jordan in several commercials. It was also worn by Buggin Out. His famous “Bred” style helped the shoe become a big hit.

Jordan Brand is bringing back some of the most popular and iconic OG models as part of their “Remaster” series.

The Air Jordan 4 White/Cement was released on February 13, 2016 for $220. It also featured a Nike Air logo on the heels.

The 21st Century

In the 21st century, the Air Jordan 4 has resurfaced in a number of iterations, including a full family size run, which is not bad for a sneaker that came out in 1996. It’s safe to assume that the Air Jordan 4 White Cement will return as a retro, but there’s no guarantee it will happen in the next few years.

The Air Jordan 4 is one of Jordan’s best sellers and has spawned several notable collaborations including those with UNION LA and Off-White. It’s no secret that Michael Jordan is a huge fan of the Air Jordan 4 and is often seen sporting a pair at the gym. It also happens to be one of his favorite Jordans and the first of its kind to feature a patented rubber heel tab.

The Air Jordan 4 White Cement may be on its way out, but it will be back in a big way with the aforementioned full family size run, plus a new color scheme and a few tweaks here and there.


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