How to Fix a Samsung Dryer Not Spinning

If your Samsung dryer isn’t spinning, troubleshooting may be in order. First step should be ensuring it has access to power – if it isn’t receiving power then reset its breaker switch as soon as possible.

Check your drive belt and idler pulley for problems. A worn-out belt may prevent the drum from spinning freely – this is an easily diagnosable issue.


Samsung dryer motors power the drum and help spin it during each cycle, but over time can become worn-out, leaving your clothes wet after just one cycle has completed. If this occurs, contact Samsung as soon as possible; their repair costs could be substantial if this is the case with you.

A broken drive belt can also halt your dryer from functioning. These thin belts wrap around the drum and tension pulley before winding around the motor shaft before fraying or breaking over time and needing replacing as a result.

Idler pulleys play an integral part in keeping your belt under tension, but can wear out over time. If your Samsung dryer produces rattling or squeaking noises, this could be the source.

Samsung dryers often stop spinning due to an issue with the door switch, which serves as an indicator to its motor that it’s time for a cycle to begin. When broken, its motor runs briefly but won’t spin the drum; to fix this problem, simply replace it – an easy repair project for anyone with moderate appliance expertise. First unplug and shut off its gas valve (if applicable); remove four Torx-head screws on the rear panel with a Torx screwdriver; finally unbolt all four retaining screws from each panel’s rear panel to access its inner workings and do this work yourself if possible if desired.

Door Switch

Although Samsung dryers are durable, they still may experience issues from time to time. One such issue is a non-spinning cycle resulting from wear and tear over time – though this problem can usually be quickly addressed with some DIY knowledge and by carefully taking away the front panel.

Before beginning, check to see if your dryer has its Child Lock feature enabled. This feature is designed to prevent children from accidentally starting a cycle by mistake, and if enabled will prevent you from accessing any buttons on its panel until you disable this feature.

To do this, slide the dryer away from the wall and remove two screws securing the panel’s rear edge. Remove four retaining screws on top of the panel as well as depressing locking tabs on wire harness connectors to release them before pulling forward and setting aside. Now it should be obvious that your door switch requires replacement.


Samsung dryers are among the most technologically advanced models on the market, but as mechanical devices they may occasionally experience problems. If your Samsung dryer won’t spin properly there could be many causes including: broken belt, worn out drum roller or damaged blower wheel. You may also try checking to ensure that Child Lock is enabled as well as replacing any blown fuses to try and resolve these issues.

The dryer’s drive belt assists in turning the drum by connecting to it via wrapping around the drum, pulley and motor itself. A worn-out belt may produce squealing or thumping noises and fail to spin the drum properly; one way of testing this is reaching inside and rotating the drum by hand; if it turns easily then all is good; otherwise replace with new belt immediately or idler pulley if worn or damaged.

Exhaust Vent

Samsung dryers are built to withstand years of regular use, but regular wear and tear may eventually lead them to malfunction. A non-spinning Samsung dryer may be remedied through simple maintenance tasks; however, for greater peace of mind it is always advisable to seek professional assistance if any parts require replacement or you are uncertain how best to fix your appliance.

One common cause for your dryer not spinning properly may be that its belt has worn out. Although this issue can be difficult to identify, typically when hearing squealing or thumping noises from the dryer you can detect this by listening for any squealing or thumping noises which indicate this condition; should this occur you’ll need to replace the belt immediately.

Another possible issue could be a defective heater element or thermistor. To determine their integrity, locate the leads for each heating element and use a multimeter to test continuity between them and their respective heating element leads. If any thermistor or thermostat fails this test, they will require replacement as soon as possible. You may also wish to check drum rollers for signs of wear or damage as this indicates which parts need replacing as soon as possible.

Child Lock

Samsung dryers feature a child lock feature to prevent children from interfering with laundry cycles, which could explain why your cycle won’t start or won’t spin properly. To determine if it is, look for an icon depicting an infant or smiling lock – either will be indicators that your dryer is in Child Lock mode and which you must press for three seconds in order to deactivate it.

If your Samsung dryer is plugged into an extension cord, its power outlet could be damaged or overloaded and cause it to shut off unexpectedly or stop spinning altogether. Therefore, wall outlets should always be used when operating this appliance for best results. Likewise, check your breaker box regularly for any tripped breakers; repair or replace as necessary if there are any. Insufficient voltage may also contribute to its ineffective operation, so when using one make sure it uses 240V outlet voltage; otherwise this could damage its motor as well as other parts of its components causing permanent harm!