5 Reasons to Use Corrugated Plastic Pipe in Your Plumbing Projects

Corrugated plastic pipe is a versatile material that is easy to work with and flexible. It has a service life of up to 100 years. It is also lightweight and easy to install.

This makes it a great option for a number of plumbing applications.

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Why Use Corrugated Plastic Pipe in Your Plumbing Projects

Here are 5 reasons to use corrugated plastic pipe in your construction or renovation projects.

Corrugated plastic pipe is flexible

Corrugated plastic pipe is versatile, flexible, and safe to handle. Its lightweight makes it easier to install and requires less labor than rigid pipes. It is ideal for new installations and replacing deteriorating infrastructure.

Its manufacturer, the Drainage Division, educates contractors, installers, and end users about the benefits of this product, including farmers, municipalities, and public agencies. Ultimately, it enables faster construction and less disruption to traffic.

This type of plastic pipe offers environmental benefits throughout its lifecycle. It has lower carbon footprint than steel and other metals, requires less energy to manufacture, transport, and install, and does not release toxins into the environment. Furthermore, it is highly recyclable.

It is lightweight

Corrugated plastic pipe is a tough material that is lightweight and resistant to chemicals and abrasion. Its joints are watertight in gravity drainage applications, and it does not rust. Its lightweight design makes it easy to handle and install, reducing the time and cost of installation.

Unlike reinforced concrete pipe, corrugated pipe is manufactured in longer lengths, which minimizes the number of joints. It also features gasketed spigot joints and bell joints that make it easier to install secure joints quickly. This makes for a faster installation process, which reduces traffic disruptions.

Corrugated plastic pipe is available in multiple lengths and can be custom manufactured to meet specific specifications. Available in HDPE or polypropylene, corrugated pipes are lightweight and easy to handle.

corrugated plastic pipe


They are also durable and can withstand repeated freeze-thaw cycles and continuous sub-zero temperatures.

It is easy to work with

Corrugated plastic pipe is lightweight, easy to work with, and versatile. It’s a popular choice for new construction and replacement of old, crumbling infrastructure. The pipe can be easily and quickly joined together, and its low weight makes it much safer to handle.

Its ease of use also makes it easy to install, reducing cost and labor. Unlike concrete pipe, this type of plastic pipe is often manufactured in long lengths, reducing the need for multiple joints.

It’s also easy to install secure connections, such as gasketed spigot joints or bell joints. This means less disruption of traffic during construction and installation.

Corrugated plastic pipe is lightweight and bendable, making it perfect for landscaping and other projects without solid pipes. However, its thin walls are susceptible to damage from weed trimmers, foot traffic, and pets.

Additionally, corrugated pipe can be damaged by roots of trees and shrubs, which can grow into it in search of water. Eventually, it can clog and cause a complete blockage.

It has a service life of 100 years

Corrugated high-density polyethylene drainage pipe has a service life of more than 100 years. The pipe has a low failure rate and is widely used in drainage applications.

The material is lightweight and has a high strength-to-weight ratio. Its service life is longer than that of other types of plastic pipes and can be used to meet stringent requirements in drainage applications.

Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. is the largest producer of HDPE corrugated plastic pipe in the world. The company was founded in 1966 and has since been serving the on-site and stormwater drainage industries.

The company currently has 42 domestic manufacturing plants and 30 distribution centers. The company offers a complete line of corrugated HDPE pipe and fittings for drainage, culvert and other uses.

It is more cost-effective than PVC pipe

Corrugated plastic pipe is much cheaper to purchase than PVC pipe. It is often packaged in long coils and requires fewer couplings. This makes it easier to install.

While rigid pipe requires trenching and turning at specific angles, flexible pipe does not require as much labor or skill. However, corrugated plastic pipe has a disadvantage: it creates low spots and is less durable.

This type of plastic pipe is more flexible than PVC pipe, but PVC pipe is more rigid. It is easier to work with, allowing you to use a conventional handsaw or drill.

Unlike corrugated plastic pipe, PVC pipe can also be bent and is more susceptible to damage from lawn mowers and foot traffic. This can lead to clogs and slow water flow.