When Does Marriott Charge Your Card?

when does marriott charge your card

When does Marriott charge your card? No matter if you book with Marriott using a prepaid rate or other payments methods, it’s essential that you understand how charges are processed. By reviewing your statement and activating eFolio emails in advance of any potential issues that might arise. Pending hotel charges may seem to linger on … Read more

Six Flags Platinum Pass – Take Your Membership Adventure to the Next Level

six flags platinum pass

Six flags platinum pass: Six Flags offers several membership options, such as the Platinum and Gold Flash Passes, that come with various perks that include priority park entrance through a member exclusive gate, preferred parking spots, season drink bottles as well as the ability to skip major ride lines on every visit. Six Flags Platinum … Read more

What Happens If You Don’t Pay an Ambulance Bill? These 4 Top Actions Will Occur

what happens if you don't pay ambulance bill

What happens if you don’t pay ambulance bill? Some ambulance companies provide financial assistance programs designed to aid those on low income. These plans may offer payment plans or reduced fees. Negotiations is also an option when dealing with ambulance companies or collection agencies, including sending reminders, making phone calls or taking legal action if … Read more